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The Issues We Care About

We are an action group and we are committed to making the demands for the political and structural reforms that we believe Nigeria needs right now to progress. As a movement, these are the issues we care about:

Electoral​ Reforms

There is no democracy where votes cannot be properly counted and leaders cannot be chosen in a fair, transparent, free manner where the citizens trust such process. An electoral amendment law must be passed by both chambers of the National Assembly that must ensure that going forward, ALL electoral accreditation, voting, collation, and transmission MUST be done electronically and our diaspora must be able to vote electronically.  Asides this, we will also campaign and join any campaign for any reforms to make our elections better.

Constitutional Restructuring

A document enacted under a military decree, Decree 9 of 1999, cannot be rightfully called a constitution that ‘We the People’ agreed to be governed by as a country. The process of a new constitution must be put in place. Under the Independence and 1963 constitutions, Nigeria came into existence as a federal unit that it was designed and meant to be. Today, however the ‘Federal Republic of Nigeria’ is, in reality, a unitary government. A series of restructuring conversations with stakeholders of all states and regions in the country must now be called and a calendar of progression for the restructuring of our country into a proper federal structure must begin. This is not a new issue and we are only asking APC to live up to its on manifesto.

Social​ Justice

We can no longer afford a country where the people are victims just because they are poor. All powers conferred on the arms of government are demonstrably useful only for the purpose of respecting, protecting, promoting and fulfilling the rights of citizens. As a start, a prisons reforms process must begin immediately to consider all Nigerians in jail without trial and in a progressive manner, all citizens without justified cause to be in jail or in prison must be released. The Police Reform bill and the Police Trust Fund bill must be signed into law and a comprehensive judicial reform process must be put in place. Asides these, we will also mobilise our numbers on any issue that borders on access to justice for Nigerians, groups of Nigerians or organisations that have being victimised.

Open,​ Lean Government

Nigerians can no longer accept a situation where government officers are living large and citizens are living in extreme poverty. The RMAFC must immediately institute a review in allowances for all ministers, special advisers, special assistants, senior special assistants, senior special advisers, technical advisors and all national assembly members. All bogus salaries, allowances, pensions and severance packages of all ex-governors must also be reviewed until a time the nation can afford to resume taking care of its old servants. Asides this, we will also join any campaign, mobilise our numbers on any issue that in principle targets reducing the cost of governance, ensuring accountability of elected officials, curbing wastage and other related issues.

TBAN is a membership-based organisation and TBAN-USA is the US chapter of TBAN. This platform is designed and dedicated for Nigerians living in USA.

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