How Can We Make Votes Count in Nigeria ?

We will like you to know how we are going about our one singular purpose as of this moment in the history of our nation – making our votes count and how you can join us too. 

1. Engage: Citizens are engaging the government on electoral reforms, you too can join
The time to start is finally here, we can now proudly say that we have started building our nation as last week, we started officially the #100000Letters campaign where each and every one of us signs a letter about electoral reforms and ToBuildANation gathers them all and present them before the National Assembly. This is historical for us as an organisation and for Nigeria as it marks the first time in history that many of us will be writing the government about the changes we voted them to bring about.

For you to carry out this civic duty of yours,
Go to
Download the documents and fill in the appropriate spaces
Scan and send to
Get at least 9 or more of your friends to do the same 

2. Organise: On the issue of state meetings

This week, the Federal Capital Territory will be the second state to have her state meeting and we will be having that in the city of Abuja. The date is the 25th of January 2020. To follow suit will be Ogun and Kwara states having theirs in Sagamu and Ilorin respectively on the 1st of FebruaryRivers State will be having hers in Port Harcourt on the 9th of February 2020. If you are in any of these locations, please make a date with us. For other states, we are working hard to make sure meetings are started there and will inform you as we are about to start. 

For getting more information about ToBuildANation
We would love to encourage our members to join us or follow us on our various social media platforms so as to get up to date information about TBAN – Facebook;Twitter;Instagram;  You can also join our telegram group via

According to Ray Milliband, you can choose to not be interested in politics and governance but you can not choose not to be affected by its policies. We at TBAN believe that, if everyone takes a little time out of their busy schedule to be concerned about the government and its activities, the government will, in turn, hearken to the voice of the people. Don’t be left out.

For Country,
From All of us at TBAN

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